Brighton Rentals

With over 25 years of direct property investment and experience, Hovepark serves our tenants with an ethos to provide a professional and proactive approach to property management

As an in-house property manager we are able to ensure the highest quality of service to our tenants, which we hope will result in our best tenants staying with us for many years, as is often the case.


Initially set-up in Ayshire, Scotland to serve the Scottish portfolio. Hovepark has expanded to approximately 500 properties under management. Since 2015 Hovepark has taken back full control of the English portfolio which is managed via our Ayrshire office.

Management Services

You do not need to be concerned with the fact that the Hovepark head office is based in Scotland, we are only a phone call away. We have a team of property professionals and contractors based in and around Brighton providing all the services you require. The original portfolio was started in Hove over 20 years ago and continues to represent a significant part of your Landlord's portfolio. Indeed your Landlords is still based in Hove and remains dedicated to East Sussex.


The same team of tradesmen have worked for us for many years and will continue to be utilised as our preferred Contractors to help keep your home in good repair.


To report a repair request please click on the below link.

Emergency Out of Hours Service

All minor repairs must be reported to the above link. Should you require to speak with a member of our team first then all calls must be made within office hours (see contact below).

For our of hours emergencies please call 07805 569727.

You should clearly state that you are a tenant of Hovepark and give as much detail as possible as to the nature of the emergency. You may be charged for the cost of the emergecy call out if this service is mis-used.

Your Deposit

Unless otherwise agreed, deposits are held with My Deposits England and will be returned at the end of the tenancy by My Deposits. Please note that any damage, breakages etc, will be deducted from your deposit as standard.


Lease extension fee £60
Contract amendments £60
Rent arrears correspondence £30
Early termination fee (subject to approval) £180 (plus any incidental costs incurred by the landlord, plus liability for loss of rent until a new tenant is found)
Check-out fee £78 (studio), £96 (1 bedroom), £114 (2 bedroom), £132 (3 bedroom)
End of tenancy reference £12
All prices include VAT

Deposits are held by My Deposits England



56 Hamilton Street
KA21 5DS

01294 603425

Emergency out of hours service: 07805 569727.
For emergency use only. All minor repairs to be reported via the link above.